We are seeing more and more violence towards women and children –  especially the recent events in India and Connecticut.  Many people are in fear and feel powerless – looking to the government to fix the problem through more man made laws. As Einstein said,  “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  Giving Teachers guns or implementing severe punishment for violent acts towards women is not the answer – this is all the same consciousness.

So before you run out and grab a placard, or sign a petition or express anger at the people who are inflicting this violence  –  stop and go within first.

Recognize the Other Person is You – Sutra for the Aquarian Age.

In the Aquarian Age  we are actualizing the Truth that we are all One.  Recognize the Other Person is You does not Only apply to those people you love and get along with. This sutra applies to everyone in the world – even the ones that inflicted those acts of violence.

I am not violent – I would never do such horrible things.

In order to understand spiritually what these events are showing us as a humanity  –  it requires that you elevate your perspective to the 3rd eye. The 3rd eye, ruled by Uranus,  is not emotional – it is clear seeing in a symbolic way.

The world that we see is mirroring what is being worked out within our Collective Unconscious right now.

We all  possess both  masculine and feminine energies – it does not matter if you are born  into a male or female form in this lifetime. In the Aquarian Age we are balancing the male and female energies. On the planet, the women (feminine energy) and children (our innocence) are under attack.

Each one has created the world that we see – there is no us or them. The Aquarian Age is about growing up and taking personal responsibility for creating our reality.

The Difference Between Self Responsibility and Self Blame

Self Blame is victim consciousness – I am a bad person,  I created all this ugliness in the world, I have no power, I will feel shame and guilt and act from this place. No real change ever comes from this place.

Self Responsibility is a consciousness of empowerment.  I see it – so it must be part of  me.  What have I done in a small or big way  to contribute to this phenomenon?   I know when I bring awareness to these shadowy areas within myself I can shift my reality and make the world a better place.

Here are some ways that we inflict violence toward our feminine nature and innocence.

Watching Violent Movies

Playing Violent video games

Watching crime television or other shows that do not uplift or inspire us   Laughing at cruel jokes

Taking pleasure in the misfortune of others

Reading books about serial killers or other negative figures from history

Ignoring our intuition and going to a job everyday that we can’t stand only for the money

Negative self-talk

Not listening to the needs of our body and allowing the mind and ego to bully us to push through on a project

Treating others and ourselves like objects – not acknowledging people that we meet during the day – store clerks etc

Holding grudges and grievances towards others

Looking away when we see a person in pain or need

Spending time with people who do not respect us

Not honoring our feelings

Not speaking up when our Soul is calling us to speak the Truth

Doing anything that does not reflect our highest and best self

Take Action From An Inspired Place

These are some examples of  the small things we can do as a humanity to contribute to acts of violence on the planet.  Bring more awareness to your LIFE  and LOVE to yourself  and we will see these act of violence disappear.



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