WAKE UP! For the Aquarian Age

One of the biggest challenges on the Spiritual Journey is Amnesia.

We forget our true identity. We forget that we are Spirits having human experiences. Easy to remember when we are in yoga class and meditation, quite another when we are in the ‘real world’ managing the stresses of modern life.

We are very much like Dorothy and her friends in the Wizard of Oz when they approach the poppy field – forgetting their goal of reaching the Emerald City, they fall under a sleepy spell cast by the Wicked Witch of the North. Our version of the sleepy poppy fields is called Maya – the illusion of reality perceived only through our 5 senses.

Why is it so challenging to Remember this Timeless Truth?

Re-Runs are Boring

Before we incarnate into physical bodies we take on the veil of forgetfulness. It would probably be very boring to know everything that was going to happen in your life ahead of time. Watching a movie for the second and third time is never as much fun as watching the movie for the first time.

Under the Spell of the Piscean Age

For thousands of years humanity has been under the hypnotic state of the ego also called the Piscean Hypnotic Trance. We believe the illusion that our identity is found within our ego – attaching to roles, bodies, thought forms, belief systems, emotions and feelings. This illusion of the ego has caused much pain and suffering for humanity.

Don’t Miss the Party

The Aquarian Age is dawning and there is a great awakening sweeping the planet right now. We are coming out of a deep sleep. This is the great age of Truth when humanity will move away from the darkness of the ego to remember their true identity. The ancients have said that this time is a rare opportunity and is the best time to be alive on the planet right now.

5 Ways to Stay Awake

Commit to your Practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Commit to attending Kundalini Yoga Classes at least twice a week. This technology will help you integrate the powerful energies coming into the planet right now.


Build in a regular Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) for yourself.  This is a time for you to cultivate and honor the relationship with your Higher Self.

Chant Mantra

The science of chanting mantra, either out loud or mentally, will quickly shift your consciousness and direct your mind to your Infinite Nature. Sample mantras to chant are – GOD and Me, Me and GOD are ONE or Sat Nam.

Wear A Touchstone

Wear a bracelet, ring, crystal – something to remind you that you are a timeless Spiritual Being every time you see or touch it. When you are in challenging situations, this touchstone will remind you that you are only growing and evolving in this Earth School.

Conscious Community

Surround yourself with people of spiritual consciousness. This is a wonderful way to support one another to stay awake. During dark times, these people can help you put things in perspective and to KEEP UP !



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