The energies of 2016 are setting the course of the evolution of humanity. What to expect for this cycle of experience? 

What’s going on in this vast information field that we live in as a humanity? We think it is our egos but we are being guided by an invisible intelligence that underlies all life on this planet.

The New Moon on Feb 8, 2016 is a time to take pause.

We go through cycles of  human experience. The biggest cycle is your 8.4 million life times to arrive at this present moment. Within this are the countless mini cycles which run from new moon to new moon. 

The base note of 2016 is purification which is releasing all that is not you –  your shadow and victim patterns. 

January was about the practical details.  Ok I have this dream inside me that I long to manifest and this is what I have to do – it was very earthy – very practical and absolutely no nonsense.

You’re like the captain of a ship with a crew of ONE – just You. You spent the month tinkering down below – making sure that everything is working properly – putting your good habits in place – your routine.

Now with this New Moon you are being called back up on deck to look at your compass – your map to see where you are going. If you are the captain busy tinkering below deck thinking you have no control of your life – who’s steering your ship? Well, by default your ego is and it is reacting to the forces of Life. That’s when you ram into an iceberg. For this Moon cycle  – the Sabian symbol is 

A Large White Dove Bearing a Message.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Good news and blessings. 

Click video above to listen to the whole message. It’s worth it! Have a wonderful New Moon cycle!




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