What is the 2018 Forecast?  According to the Neutrino Stream, one of the shadow paterns playing out this year is Doubt with the Siddhic Gift of Truth. 

Let’s go deeper into the root of this shadow of Doubt.  Its an over reliance on the left brain. This is our logical brain – it’s our masculine mind. Here we go again balancing the male and female energies within ourselves but this time its mental energy.

The left brain analyzes, it divides things into boxes – Democrat or Republican, Labor or Conservative, male or female, good or bad, light  ordark. The left brain sees parts – not the whole picture. Our Right brain, on the other hand,  the feminine brain sees holitistically. It sees the whole picture – the connectivity of everything. The right brain unifies and the left brain divides. You can probably discern already that our world is much more left brain and logical.

The worst thing that you can do is to doubt yourself.


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