Depression is a widespread phenomenon in our modern world. It is not what we’ve been led to believe by modern medicine. It’s steadily on the increase reaching even the youngest of children.

To try to fix an internal problem with an external solution is insane. In the Aquarian Age we are being called to follow natural spiritual laws that are the opposite of man- made laws (Ego). Ego wants you focused on the external world in an attempt to keep you from your infinite power – your Higher Purpose.

What is depression teaching us as a humanity?

Depression is a messenger.

Depression is calling you to go inside. Depression is saying enough with all of this nonsense of the internet – the texting – the TV – the chit-chatty-superficial-entertain-me-keep-me-distracted-world out there.

Depression is saying come inside I have something to say to you. Depression is saying – there is something that is not right in your world. Depression is saying that you need to let go of something from your past that you are holding on to.

If we indulge in depression – take the pills, use it to keep us in victim – we make an identity out of it. Don’t talk to me that way – I suffer from depression – You don’t understand what I go through.  When we do this we make false idols – we make the messenger into a god.  Depression is simply a messenger – get the message and the messenger can leave.

Depression is anger turned in on yourself. It takes a lot of energy to stuff that down – that is why if you are depressed you feel tired and exhausted.

And depression can be used by the EGO as a huge delay tactic. What is it delaying?  Your higher purpose. One of the ego’s function is to create blocks to you stepping up and doing your purpose.

You have been brought here by a mighty cosmic force – to help and assist humanity.

How to get rid of depression?

Watch this video to learn more that includes a link to a powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditation To Get Rid of Depression.





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