The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “A woman wearing pastel clothes caring a heavy and valuable but veiled load.”

This powerful image relates to our sense of value in the world. This Full Moon is showing us that our Divine Gifts can become a burden if we do not share them with the rest of humanity.

The Aquarian Age is the Age of Self – Empowerment. Each one of us is being pressurized by life to discover our innate self-value which is directly related to our Higher Purpose.

No One  Can Give You Your Self Value – Only You Can!

Many people I work with tell me that they struggle with self value. They generally don’t  feel worthy that they have anything valuable to contribute to the world. They neither feel adequate nor good about themselves.

Where Does this Come From? Watch this video to learn more with a Link to a FREE Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Self Value.

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