What is the Neutrino Stream?


More Solar Activity = More Neutrinos 

It has been said by many wisdom traditions that during this time (The Aquarian Age) we would see more and more Solar Activity. The energy emitted by the Sun is not just radiation to fear as we have been taught. This energy contains valuable information that is guiding the evolution of humanity.

A neutrino is a subatomic particle with mass that is small enough to pass through all atomic matter (what you can see) without resistance. There are many more neutrinos than anything else in the Universe.

Neutrinos are said to be the exhaled energy of the stars and our Sun emits 70% of all the neutrinos throughout the Solar System.


A neutrino is the modern day word for prana or chi. 

These particles are penetrating us every moment with bits of information profoundly affecting us at the DNA Level.

We live in a vast information field that can be called the Neutrino Stream.



The Neutrino Stream goes through daily, weekly, and (multi) yearly transits which can be measured much like astrology.

It is Much Easier to go in the Direction the Horse is Traveling

The Aquarian Age is all about energy, frequency and vibration – this is not the time for logical and rational thinking. We are evolving beyond mental awareness – we have used logical and strategic thinking to the limit. So, to navigate through life with our minds will create much suffering, as it no longer works. It is much easier to work with these energies to assist you in your life rather then wasting your energy in resistance.

These neutrinos also leave an imprint on the time, location and date of your birth which can give you information on the correct way for you to move through your life.

The Online Shadow Mining Programs are based on this imprint.






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