As teachers, leaders and healers of the Aquarian Age we must extend kindness to everyone.  It’s easy to be kind to the people who that are kind to us. It’s a huge challenge to extend kindness to those people who are unkind to us. What can you do when someone does not like you? Spiritually what does it mean when someone does not like you?



Kindness is a human value that has been lost through the Piscean Age. The ego only wants to be kind to those that can helps us get ahead in some way. Kindness for it’s own sake is a beautiful virtue to cultivate. Kindness is one the legs that  will hold up the Aquarian Age. To extend kindness to others is one of the most selfish things we can do for ourselves!

Watch this short video to learn more about the spiritual reasons why people may not like you. It also includes a kundalini yoga  meditation that will bring kindness to yourself and others. Incidentally, Yogi Bhajan had to walk barefoot five miles each day  in India to deliver rice pudding to a Master to receive this meditation.

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