Today is the NEW MOON Solar Eclipse which sets the tone for the next 6 months.

The key words in the Neutrino Stream are IMPATIENCE and DISHONOR.

What is impatience?

Impatience is the belief that you are victimized by time. What does it look like to feel victimized by time? You become angry at the slow driver in front of you or the elderly person counting out their change to pay for their groceries and you cut off people when they speak. This is a belief in lack – a lack of time. Who believes all of this? The EGO.

The more you identify with your ego – the more you will feel victimized by time. 

The Ego has you rushing from one thing to the next – dishonoring yourself and others.

Dishonor is to forget that your actions, thoughts and words have an effect on your fellow human beings. Dishonor is to forget your True Identity. We can see this being played out on the world stage with American politics!

We were given time in order to realize our Timeless Self.

Watch this video to learn more about How to Dismantle the EGO so that you can FEEL PEACE in the world. 



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