Your tribe are those that are here to help us do our  higher purpose and vice versa.  Your tribe or Soul Cluster are the Souls that you travel with lifetime after lifetime – your dream team except when we don’t meet because of a shadow pattern of interference within the world. Interference means that you are broadcasting a  frequency rooted in fear which attracts to you the wrong people into your life.

 Imagine all that conflict, betrayal, fear and effort gone in your relationships? And in its place is trust, harmony, kindness, inspiration, growth and love in your relationships? This happens when we transmute the shadow of interference within ourself.

Imagine that your Soul Cluster comes together in service to a higher ideal? What you care about – they care about as well?  All doing your higher purpose to bring this New Earth into form. This is the gift of Team Work that comes out of Interference.  What a world we would live in? So apparently there are 144, 000 Soul Clusters are out there  and you belong to one of them.

What can you do? The best thing to do is to do your higher purpose as this acitvates the others that are in your Soul Cluster to gather around you. Watch this short video to learn more and please leave your comments below.




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