ego vs soulAs we draw closer into the Aquarian Age (Nov 11, 2011) and enter the 5th Day of the Last Wave of Consciousness of the Mayan Calendar (Sunday July 31, 2011) the theme is Conflict. The greatest conflict on our planet right now is the creative friction arising from the death of the Piscean Consciousness (last 2,000 years) that was ruled by EGO and the birth of the NEW Aquarian Consciousness which is ruled by the SOUL.

The root of this conflict is being played out inside each one of us on the sacred battlefield. The challenges you are facing in your life right now are no small matter – it is your part of the work to bring humankind into Unity Consciousness.

Remember that the EGO wants to keep conflict alive – it is the oxygen that it needs to stay in control. So if Life is a game – who’s winning in your life? Soul or Ego? Where EGO is running your life there can be no Divinity or peace of mind.

You know your Ego is winning when:

  • You are living in anxiety and fear about the future
  • Compromising your values for the approval of others
  • Desperately holding on to old relationships, jobs or habits that no longer serve you out of a false sense of security
  • Still doing everything on your own and refusing to recognize or ask for support
  • Creating drama by keeping conflict alive with people about something that happened in the past

You know your Soul is winning when:

  • You make your Intuition your NEW Authority
  • You face your Life Challenges head on with Grace and Courage knowing that the Infinite has you covered
  • You feel that you are truly delivering your unique gifts to the world
  • You are growing and expanding with each passing day becoming more and more your true self
  • You are excited about the Infinite Possibilities that are available to you and others at this time

5 ACTIONS to Give your Soul the Winning Edge

1. Meditational Practice ~ is NOW a requirement to cultivate a healthy relationship with your own mind. The days of being able to deny this need are over.  With this new consciousness the mind’s sensitivity is increasing and can not manage this flood of energy. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is an ancient technology that dissolves the ego so that the radiance of your Soul can shine through.   Begin a 40 day Meditation Practice Today – Full 11 min Kirtan Kriya .

2. Let the Music Play ~ Most Kundalini Yoga music is rooted in the Shabd Guru – a sacred and powerful sound current  that cuts through your ego so that you can experience your Divinity.  Play this music in the background at home or in your office and even at low volume while you sleep.  It will uplift the frequency of your environment and all the people around you. Check out Catalyst Yogi Music Suggestions.

3. Surround yourself with Conscious People ~ Make friends with people you feel uplifted and inspired by and who will remind you of your True Identity. Attend Conscious Gatherings where people intentionally join to raise their consciousness like Khalsa Ladies CampKhalsa Men’s CampKundalini Yoga Immersions or Take Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

If this is not available for you – take initiative and be the leader and create this for your community – don’t wait for permission or for someone else to do it.

4.  Take Time to Connect with Nature Everyday ~ In this highly technological age we have lost our connection to the planet.  Nature is devoid of ego. It is nurturing for the soul to be away from things that have been created by mind and ego and connects you to your own natural rhythms. Take a walk in the park, meditate on the clouds, be with animals – spend time in a community garden

5.  Take a KY and Meditation Class in your Area.  No access to Kundalini Yoga  in your area? Take an Online Kundlaini Yoga Class with Catalyst Yogi (downloadable) – or better yet, invite your friends over and practice it as a group.



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