Why-Am-I-HereThe planet Venus moved into the sign of Scorpio this week which means that the “big questions” of your existence will begin to surface into your conscious awareness. Questions such as, “Why am I here? How do i want to live the rest of my days on planet Earth? What is important to me?” These planetary energies are supporting you to go beyond the mind and deep into the home of your Self.It will be challenging to maintain chit-chatty-surface conversations with others. It will be impossible to go into denial. This is the time to get real with yourself . If you choose to resist – the universe will show you all the unpleasant truths about how you have been living your life thus far. You will be shown how you have compromised your purpose, the ways in which you have made yourself small and diminished your gifts and talents.Venus is also in the 28th Hexagram which is the fear of time running out – the fear of death. This fear manifests in your life as an extra emphasis on life purpose. What is my purpose? Am i living up to my full potential ? How will i make a living by following my purpose ?Here are some ways that you can align with your life purpose.

5 Ways to Align with Your Life Purpose

1. Make Fear an Ally

Your purpose is buried within your greatest fears. Reflect on your fears. What scares you the most ? You will know that you have stumbled into your purpose when you are flooded by fear – this is the ego’s attempt at distracting you from your power. Remember the EGO is not a cheerleader for your destiny. All of my life i was terrified of speaking in front of a group of people. I would have panic attacks, anxiety and basically do anything to avoid public speaking. However, my soul would bring me into situations where i was forced to face this fear over and over again. A large part of my destiny path is to communicate and express so my ego was keeping me from embracing this gift.

2. Your Complaints are Showing You the Way

What do you notice and complain about in the world? Each person has a unique perspective and we don’t always see the same things in life. Whatever gets you riled and fired up is a clear indication that is what you are here to do. The director Peter Jackson was a fan of the Lord of the Rings books since childhood. For years he complained that somebody ought to make a Lord of the Rings movie until he realized – no one was going to do it because it was his job.


3. Your Purpose is in the NOW

The mind or ego will tell you that you have missed your purpose – you made bad choices when you were younger – you should have taken this training instead or not married so young. The ego makes you believe that your purpose lives in the past or in the future. The ego will tell you that you need those particular qualifications to fulfil your purpose or when you are out of debt – basically when you are perfect. The Truth is your purpose can be found in the NOW – this present moment. Commit to being yourself in every moment, bring your whole self to every activity no matter how mundane. When you operate like this you are sending out the high frequency energy of commitment into the field of human consciousness. The universe has no other choice then to respond to this energy and commit to you by bringing you experiences that deliver you to your purpose!

4. Purpose is in Serving the Whole

Many people ask, “How can i make money from my gifts and talents?” In the Aquarian Age, we are in great flux right now as the old structures are crumbling down. Chances are what you are here to do does not even exist in the external world yet because you are here to create it ! It is your job to interface your gifts and talents in service to the whole of humanity. How can you serve humanity as we transition into this new age ?

5. Your Purpose is to Evolve

Your purpose is to be yourself which is to evolve. The evolutionary energies are taking you to your highest potential in this lifetime whether you like it or not. If you choose to resist this energy and hold on to the old – life will feel meaningless and a constant struggle. If you surrender and let go of your past conditioning life will be a wild adventure. Past conditioning is all the conscious and unconscious belief systems that you have taken on from your family of origin, extended family, school system, culture and religion. One of the best ways to let go of past conditioning is to enrol in the 12 week Lighten Up Video Series – now at a reduced rate.

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