Does your life feel like it’s falling apart ?  Great – you’re right on track!

As we come closer into the Aquarian Age (2012 and beyond) change is now rapid and moving at the speed of light.

Life can feel very intense. Challenges come from every direction and old ways of coping no longer work.  We are all facing problems  in the areas of relationships, finances or health.  We would like nothing better than to have the ‘problem’ disappear. Does this sound familiar?  “ If only I had better health or that ideal body – life would be perfect”  or “If I just won the lottery …. “  or “If that person just fell off the face of the earth – my life would be just great !”

Here are 5  Common Misconceptions

1. If Only my  ‘fill in the blank’  Problem Disappeared.  Wishing away problems isn’t going to work – these problems are your challenges to face in this lifetime. They are doorways to your power – your higher being.

2. What am I Doing Wrong? People often think they are doing something wrong by attracting problems into their life. In fact, you are doing something right – it means that you are ready to face these challenges that may have been following you lifetime after lifetime.

3. Everyone Else is Doing Great.  Everyone is facing challenges in their life – no one is exempt. Be open with people about what you are dealing with  – nine times out of ten you will hear the honest truth back from that other person.

4.  I Can’t Handle Anymore. You wouldn’t attract it to you if you didn’t have the strength and resources you need to succeed. Remember the Aquarian Sutra – There is a Way through Every Block. Don’t give up !

5. G.O.D. / Universe is Harsh to Do this To Me. This is a child’s perspective of G.O.D. You are a powerful co creator of your life – you are attracting all of this to you. These challenges are forcing you to change, grow and ultimately come into complete trust in the  Divine. It is time to wake up and remember who you really are !  Join the party –  this great age of enlightenment for all called the Aquarian Age.



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