This is a time of great illumination when more and more light is coming into the earth plane.  This means that all the secrets are coming to the surface.

On the  individual level, the light switches are flipping on in your life too. And when those lights go on – it can be shocking to see yourself in Truth – seeing those areas that need some clean up.   You may have people in your life confronting you – your boss – spouse – friends  confronting about how  you have not been in integrity or ways in which you have hurt them.

Ok you can go one of two ways with this new information/new light coming to you. Either blame, make excuses and justifications for your behavior. and this is called Pride. The Ego wil not let you admit you are wrong. Or you beat yourself up and tell yourself. ” I am  rotten and a horrible person”  and you are flooded with  guilt.

Watch this video to learn why we make mistakes and please leave your comments below:




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