The 80 – 20 rule also called the Pareto Principle has been around for awhile and is a new way of working and focusing one’s energies. It comes from the business world and it was observed that 80% of sales comes from 20% of customers.

However this rule can be applied to your life in a very practical way. For example, 80% of your e-mails are sent to 20% of your address book — 20% of your clothing is worn 80% of the time.

80% of results (what you want to achieve) comes from 20% of your effort (energy).

And for the perfectionists out there that want it all (100% results) — to achieve that other 20 % (perfection) will take an additional 80 % of your energy — the cost is high — you do the math — you may also know this experience as Burn Out.

Sounds Easy and it is — it is about working smart and setting priorities. It is now more important than ever to work smart – our energy is too precious to waste.

So ask yourself in each and every moment , ” Is this the best use of my time and energy ? Is there someone else that could being doing this job? ” “Is this task done or have I toppled over into perfectionism?”

Work smarter, not harder !

Hari Bhajan Khalsa

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