Finally the world is catching up to this truth ! The old perception has been that these workaholics are committed, hard working and wealthy.

When in truth Workaholism is a serious addiction to escape from oneself.

Eight Signs of Workaholism

1. Seeks approval from others at work instead of accepting oneself

2. Work to escape your feelings, shutting out your true needs and wants

3. Over organizing, refusing to give up control, losing your spontaneity and creativity.

4. Many people grow up in stressful home, this stress is familiar and even sought after. You create crises for adrenalin highs by over working and then crash into periods of depression .

5. You hoard work to ensure that you will always be busy and distracted.

6. You fear the thought of free time.

7. You are a perfectionist, unwilling to ask for help or delegate because no one can meet your standards.

8. You are having a negative reaction to this article !

If you recognize yourself in these eight signs, it may be time to have a workplace wellness workshop and bring more balance into your life.



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