Yogi Bhajan’s predictions about this time include a disease that humanity would be experiencing called Space Fever. We can see this with all of our technological gadgets such as –  phones, i-pads and laptops. Our mind can now communicate in real time with someone half way around the world or in the next room. We can see facebook posts and tweets from far away places and we no longer need to be in the same space/environment to communicate in real time. This is a wonderful ability if used in the service of higher consciousness. However the shadow of technology is much different.

Space Fever makes it deeply uncomfortable to be in the present moment  – the environment you find yourself in  – you want to be somewhere else. If you are at work – you want to be on vacation. If you are driving – you want to already have arrived. You are deeply dissatisfied with the environment you are in.

And the addiction to technology  pulls our consciousness from the present moment to some other space such as with a friend in another location  – down the street or in  another part of the world.  We are obsessed with chaining ourselves  to our gadgets and prefer texting  rather than relating to the real humans in our space. Our consciousness can now be pulled to the past or the future – in a myriad of ways – all in order to escape the present moment. We no longer have to be in the same space to relate to one another.

Watch this short video to learn more about Space Fever and what you can do to offset the effects with link to a kundalini yoga meditation. Leave your comments below if you have been experiencing Space Fever.


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