Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, cautioned us that as we come closer to the Aquarian Age – 2012 and beyond – that humanity would suffer from a phenomenon called Cold Depression. From a yogic perspective we view depression, not as a psychological disorder, but as an energy problem. Depression simply means that energy is not moving.

The word energy is very much in our consciousness right now: energy crisis, energy drinks, energy bars, renewable energy, energy medicine. There is even an Energy Yoga. Scientists have spent many millions of dollars and a great deal of time to try and unlock the secrets of energy in the physical body and on the planet. We live in a sea of energy and we are feeling with each day that we need more and more just to survive.

In the Piscean Age, which we are now leaving, we could get energy from outside of ourselves. When we felt low, we would simply reach for caffeine and other stimulants: sugary foods, alcohol, drugs, overworking, loud music, high octane sports and high risk behavior. We could receive energy from other people by doing things solely for their approval and attention. Subconsciously, the same results were created through drama, conflict or playing the victim. All the above provide examples of the tricks of the Ego to energize the Piscean Game (age of darkness).

Now, the Rules of this Game of Life have changed. And, it can feel disorienting, as if you were now living in a country where everyone is driving on the other side of the road. As we enter the Aquarian Age – seeking energy outside of our selves will no longer work. You are likely noticing that those things which once gave you energy and made you feel good and safe, are not having the same effect.

Cold Depression can feel like low-level apathy and numbness inside. You may feel frozen to yourself and to your feelings.

Other Symptoms of Cold Depression:

• what gave you joy in the past no longer holds appeal and you sometimes feel that life has started to hold little or no meaning
• compensating for this emptiness by sleeping too much or not at all.
• feeling limited, small, undercut, neglected or rejected.
• going back to your past and reaching for an old identity that you have outgrown or the return of old habits and addictions
• little patience or tolerance for others – seeing them as blocks along your path

Cold Depression is the dismantling of the Ego and is part of the process of becoming fully conscious. The Ego is angry that it does not have the same impact on reality as before – all the usual tricks no longer work. When the Ego loses power in this way – it wants to destroy. Have you noticed how movies, video games, television shows – other media images are becoming more and more violent and shocking? These are the last ditch efforts of the Ego for power and control. Cold Depression is also a build up of anger and hatred directed at yourself for all the times you have betrayed your consciousness – all the times you chose your Ego’s advice and denied the voice of your own Soul.

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