Yogi Tea

To keep warm and cozy during the winter season try this recipe for Yogi Tea – it will fill your home with a wonderful aroma. Not only tasty, it has many healing qualities.

The ingredients are affordable and Yogi Tea is easy to make. You can also keep the pot on low during the evening for the soothing smells – a perfect antidote for the shorter days and cold weather.


To 2-3 quarts boiling water add:

20 whole cloves

20 black peppercorns

5 sticks of cinnamon

20 whole cardamom pods (crack the pods first)

Continue boiling for 30 min then add  1/4 teaspoon regular black tea leaves for 2 – 3 mins.  Strain.
Always drink yogi tea with milk or soy – this makes it easier on the stomach.
(chunks of raw ginger can also be added for taste or to fight off colds and flu)

Enjoy and be sure to share with others !



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