Life is a movie. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show. –Yogi Bhajan

Everything in the world is a reflection of our consciousness and movies are one of the most popular past times for humanity especially in the western world. It is fun to look at movies from a spiritual perspective to learn about what is going on at the collective unconscious level. When we reincarnate we come into the ultimate 3D- surround-sound-movie-theater called the Earth Plane.  The ancients called it Maya – that which is not. Everything we see is energy vibrating at different frequencies that our  brain reinterprets as real and we all have agreed  –  this is reality. The problem is not the movie – the problem is our relationship to the movie. We let the ego relate to the movie of our life and not the Soul.

Here’s how the Ego Relates to Your Movie:

Won’t Stay Seated – constantly getting up to scream at the movie screen in an attempt to try to change how the story is going.

Resistance – incessant commentating on what’s wrong with the movie – bored and disappointed with the story line.

Fighting – yelling at the images on the screen blaming them for how we are feeling or what they did to us in a prior scene 20 years ago.

Tuning Out – we fall asleep or intoxicate ourselves so we miss the beauty and depth of the all the scenes.

Blaming –  blaming and punishing ourselves for what is happening to the characters on the screen.

Jumping Ahead –  Focusing our attention on what we think is going to happen next usually something negative.

How to Change the Movie?

When you relate to the Movie from your Soul you realize that  the movie is just rolling along and you stay seated in your seat at all times. We all know how to change the movie – you go to the back and change the film reel.  You change the film reel by accepting that everything that you see on the screen is just a reflection of your own MIND. Those characters are all aspects of you – if you don’t like a character it is just an aspect of yourself you have not accepted. Everything that happens in your movie is to show you yourself.  That is the great cosmic joke – you are the only one in the movie theater ! This is your movie so my may as well enjoy it !



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